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Before the round, Korea ranked first team with 14 points, they just draw to ensure that the history of the 8th World Cup in a row.www.topfifacoins.com. Iran 13 points ranked second in its group, leading group in Uzbekistan, 2 minutes, Iran also lead on the experienced than Uzbekistan 4, they just draw away from home to make sure that work together to Korea teams after the start, Korea apparently represents advantages. 6 minute, Jin Changxu road crossing to the right, Jin Xinyu sideways to soar higher Damen. The 13 minute, Lee Dong-gook road after cutting inside the closed area to the left to the right foot blast were confiscated by the goalkeeper. On 19 minutes, Jin Xinyu won the free kick before the restricted area, Jin Zhiyou Damen rubbing beam directly out of the bottom line in his left foot. After 21 minutes, Jin Changxu long balls into the area near the ring, Jin Xinyu relies on two defensive players headed the ferry, follow Sun Xingming catapulted higher at close range missed the Iran team make it very difficult for the threatened attack, while Korea team controlled the rhythm, but play is too simple, it is difficult to substantially threaten Iran goal. On 29 minutes, Korea team midfielder high hanging area, Jin Xinyu headed back to do Sun Xingmin slightly procrastinators passing out. After 40 minutes, Korea after a fast attack after the rescue, Jeff weeks get through balls single sphere of goalkeepers, but slightly more hesitant back chasing after Iran Defender tackles out. Half the game ultimately ended, the two sides 54 minutes of the 0-0 draw, Korea right after slant pass, Lee Dong-gook fell under the opponent's tight, referee Tan Hai to indicate match continues Iran players motioned Lee Dong-gook to take the fall. On 60 minutes, Iran after breaking ball after long ball, Jin Yingquan mistakes forced by guchaneigude from behind the ball stopped breaking balls, Iran people hit the area the right to face the goalkeeper left foot curve ball broke, Iran leading 1-0 after dropping the ball of Korea struggled to rebel, but not a lot of opportunities. After 75 minutes, Korea penalty free kick near the left bottom line to the door, Jin Yingquan blast was blocked off by keeper, Zhang Xianxiu in front to make up shot was blocked off by goalkeeper again. Korea team on constant pressure, but Iran goalkeeper Rahman performed well on 88 minutes, Korea free kick into the area, Jin Yingquan header just out of the right column. Yahya golmohammadi, Jin Zhiyou left the restricted area pass, Li Gengao heading out of the left column, in the end, Korea 0-1 defeat but they and Iran work together to enter Brazil World Cup

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